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Care for Your Skin During the Time of Dakshinayan- The Golden Power of Nature

13 Jul 2020

Embrace the beauty of nature and the journey of the Sun from North to South by welcoming the seasons of rain, autumn and winter. The beautiful concept of Dakshinayan is well explained as the transitional direction of Sun from the North towards the South.  

As we move towards the direction of Dakshinayan, there are certain mandate changes we must apply in our skincare and lifestyle. Even though the concept of Dakshinayan is simply magnificent but could be harmful if necessary precautions, certain lifestyle changes and out skin protection is not adapted well. 

How Does “ Period of Dakshinayan” Effect Your Skin?

Generally, people tend to avoid the importance of planetary changes and its effect on daily routine, skincare and lifestyle. But the concept of Dakshinayan is very simple as it is that time of the year when your body, internally and externally, experiences many changes due to change in weather, season and time.

The time of monsoon, the season of rain generally starts in the starting of July followed with withering autumn and the cold breeze of winter. Hence Dakshinayan plays a very significant role in your skincare. 

The most common effect of the period of Dakshinayan on the skin is the patchiness and breakouts. But we all have different skin types. 

  • Oily Skin- The most care and concern is for those with Oily Skin Type. Humidity in monsoon can inflame your acne and cause breakouts. Even though your skin will produce more oil than ever, hydration is always a must. The best way to avoid the harm is by indulging in the skincare routine for a mattified look. 

As a suggestion, it is best to wash your face daily with facewash that consist of Tea Tree Oil and a moisturizer with the base of aloe vera. As a personal recommendation, we suggest Orange And Tea Tree Oil Face Wash and Wheat Germ Lemon And Jojoba Oil for an oily skin type. 

  • Combination Skin- It is generally the most protect skin type of the other two. Even though the acne breakouts is generally less, but due to humidity, the skin will seem to be too dry and too oily on the T-Zone. Once the Autumn period starts, your skin will start breaking and enter into the flaky zone. 

The best way to protect during the period of Dakshinayan is by using organic products with nature-based ingredients. Vanilla And Flaxseed Oil Face Wash is one product with the components of Wheat Germ Oil and Flaxseed that not only hydrates the sensitive skin but also protects the breakouts. 

  • Dry Skin- Humid and Autumn season impacts majorly on dry skin by breaking skin layers. Extra thick face creams will not only create fuss but also lock the basic air your skin needs. Carrot Root N Silver Ion Moisturizer is one that is too light in weight but provides the exact organic nutrients that your skin needs to nurture. 

These together put creates a structured lifestyle change for all skin types. Special precautionary methods can help you reduce the harmful effects while letting you enjoy the time period of Dakshinayan. 

Change your Lifestyle at the time of Dakshinayan To Protect Your Skin

It is simply not just the skincare routine, but certain lifestyle and dietary changes that you must implicit in order to fully enjoy all the seasons of Dakshinayan. These 6 months of Dakshinayan is considered important because it the time when you do the right things in the right way, 

Dakshinayan is that time of the year, where we care for your skin the most. Hence the use of organic ayurvedic products becomes highly prominent as to what you wear on your skin will reflect the health of the inner you. Organic products are the purest and authentic, with ZERO harmful chemicals. During the time breakouts due to oiliness or dryness, your skin wants the right nutrients for it to grow and maintain its health. 

Therefore, embracing the seasons of the year is always fruitful when the proper care of your skin is followed. 

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