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Rang Barse….Inspire Your Skin With Royalty of Blue

06 Mar 2020

“Inspiring Royalty of Blue”

India is land of colors. Be it the times of Krishna and Radha, where the lords used the natural forests to create colors of traditional Holi festival or the modern times of using artificial colors.

Blue has a deep origin in Indian Tradition as the color of Krishna is blue.

The Royal Blue Touches the Traditional Roots of India

Colors are the emotions in Indian tradition. Our traditional rituals and customs are incomplete without the splash of colors in any form. Colors are used during sacred wedding vows, before the big day, and at the time of festivals.

The Ayurveda Symbolism of the Color Blue

Ayurveda knowledge & the ancient Indian roots have connected colors with healing powers. Each dosha is associated with colors that create balance among mild, body and soul. This contributes to creating a positive aura and healthy skin.

Once you learn the art of Ayurveda to boost your skincare health and balance of your mind, you can wisely choose shades and tones that are in keeping with your dosha.

Vata is a Dosha associated with light blue. Blue represents:

·         Calms emotions

·         Promotes peace and tranquillity

·         Increases levels of patience

·         Lowers stress levels

·         Defuses anger to happiness

·         Promotes regular sleep schedule

·         Has antibiotic effects on skin

Holi With Rejuvenate &Hydrate

Royalty in blue is inspirations and takes back to the roots of ancient India. Color blue stands bold in Holi festival, spreading calm. So when it is Holi, you squeeze the colors red in your hands and apply it all over your face and hair. 

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