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Rang Barse…. The Luxury of Nurturing Green!!!

05 Mar 2020

Holi with The Luxury of Nurturing Green 

The first thing that one imagines when the sight of green comes around is Nature. Our values forests, Ayurveda herbs, and natural organic plants are vastly green. Green is the color that synonym with nurture, meaning care.

Holi is the festival of colors, beginning of spring season and season of dance and music. Rang Barse is a campaign to design a Holi for your skincare; Rejuvenate & Hydrate has crafted a perfect product for you. Keep your skin nourished and fresh, wherever you go. 

The Traditional Connection of Luxurious Green

When you connect yourself to the traditional roots of India, you will that each color plays a vital role in our lives. The green is a color of nature, representing balance, growth, and nurture. In many cultures, traditional food is served in green leaves. It represents nature's love for the human body. 

The traditional roots of green are luxurious. Green is a color of nourishment. It originates from a point where mankind starts. The meaning is deeper than we anticipate. A small budding plant, if cared well, grows bigger, greener and healthier to provide back the nourishment

The Ayurveda Aroma of Green Color

Aroma palpates the true Indriyas in the human body. One of the major Indriyas (Senses), is the smell that rejuvenates the inner you. A healthy fragrance purifies the passage that touches the lungs, provoking the aura of the body to stay pure and energized. 

According to the Chakras of each human body, green is placed right in the middle of the chest. It represents the heart, lungs and circulatory system of the human body. The Chakra bridges the gap between the inner your and the spiritual world. You become empathetic and compassionate.

Also, if you consider the Ayurveda knowledge for Doshas, green takes away the pain, soothes the inflammation and provides the will to achieve your goals. Green is the color of success. 

Modern Science for Green 

Though modern society today still has its origin in ancient Ayurveda, the blend of both used precisely comes out to be great. Today, being green is not easy. In fact, green is a color of envy. In ancient times, green has been color for nourishment, traditional roots and also the color of education. 

The color green balances the blood level manages the allergies and aids the smoother muscle contractions. The sight of green calms the nerves in the brain and absurdly contributes to creativity. 

According to modern science, green stands for balance, nurture, nourishment, care, and nature. It is a sacred color for our environment. 

The Rejuvenate & Hydrate Nurtures Green 

Rejuvenate & Hydrate treasures the importance of healthy skincare. To stimulate the balance of skin’s health and happiness, we have delicately crafted the impeccable range of skincare products that will resuscitate the inner beauty. 

We have used the modern science of formulation with Ayurveda's knowledge of natural ingredients to create what you have not felt before. Our aromatic use of Elettariacardmomum (Cardamom) to treat the allergies with the use of Hyperanthera (green Moringa) herbs to tighten the skin texture has been so effective that you will get a chance to re-live yourself. 

Feel the natural ancient roots of mother-nature with Rejuvenate & Hydrate and gift yourself our luxury of nurturing green - Honey Cinnamon and Turmeric Soap


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