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R & H is an authentic & trustable skincare brand, which promises the highest standards of purity, beauty, & credibility

We welcome you to the terrene of ancient wisdom where age-old Ayurvedic techniques mingle with modern principles of art.  Today, we have metamorphosed into a classic beauty brand, whose secret lies in the ancient science of Ayurveda, archaic beauty & hair care rituals—brought to you after years of speculation & cloying research.    

R&H stands for Rejuvenate & Hydrate—the impeccable combination when it comes to skin care. Rejuvenation is a discipline, which focuses on reversing the process of aging, an irreproachable way to a skin-life extension. The process repairs the damage associated with aging by mildly replacing the damaged tissue with the new one.

Hydration is a process of absorbing water; it refers to a state when the skin absorbs a good amount of water & makes it look plump & flexible.    When there is adequate water from the inside of the skin, it looks healthier, vibrant and most importantly, defeats signs of aging like wrinkles.

Over the years, people have realized that there is no better remedy for the skin other than fresh, naturally derived products. Our lives infuse with dirt, pollution, and chemicals every day, which has put a grave impact on our body & skin. We live in a constantly changing environment, so we need to change the way we treat our skin too. However, makeup is a marvelous tool to hide flaws, blemishes, and wrinkles, but it is just a mask. Your skin needs substantive care & for that, R&H gives you naturally derived skincare products formulated to save your skin from toxic & harmful elements suspended in the environment. Our products have set a high standard of beauty that could raise your spirits to give you timeless skin care, beauty, & bathing routine. The purest essential ingredients, when infused with a luxurious bathing ritual, would certainly take you to an uncanny state of happiness & well-being.



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Our products are made of purest possible ingredients, extracted from the wild recesses of nature.

You will see the perfect fusion of ancient recipes & modern technology that gives an enchanting & luxurious experience of Ayurveda. Our products are fashioned in a way that stimulates the five senses (Panch Indriyan); the stimulating texture allows the product to infuse in the skin beautifully, natural enriched ingredients would give extensive protection to your skin, & the stimulating fragrance would give you a true experience of lush green forests.


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